Adobe Updates and Centralized Deployments

Them: “Hey, IT guy! We need you to update all our flash players on our Windows 7 systems!”

Me: “Sure! Let me look into that!”

We need to either use SCUP to download and deploy the updates or we have to grab the msi files, which I couldn’t find, and package them for distribution. Having some vague recollection from 2010 about applying for a license to redistribute I hoped when I checked there’d be an easier way.

Image result for nope meme

I had previously configured SCUP to do this in one environment and shuddered at the thought of having to go through all that again. Plus the environment I’m now managing was performing this task by grabbing the updates and packaging them. So I checked with Adobe and thought maybe I’ll get a standalone installer and see what I can do with it.

Image result for nope meme

Everything redirects you to a dynamic installer page. I searched the dev pages hoping to find a way out with no luck.

Finally I found a forum that gave me a clue. Download the SCUP CAB file listed in this page.

Extract the CAB file and you’ll see an XML file. Open it and you’ll see the download links in it for the latest Flash Player updates.


You’re welcome.

Alternatively, get everyone updated to Server 2016 and Windows 10 so you can deploy these through traditional Microsoft update platforms like WSUS and SCCM. And if you work in an environment that deploys applications that use Flash Player, stop it! Use HTML5 instead. Everyone would be happier.


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