Windows 7 DirectAccess Client Broken

The Director of IS calls to tell me his DirectAccess isn’t working. He’s hot-spotted his phone and was testing as he does many things. Not sure why, but it has its perks.

First things first – he’s on an external network, so DA should give him an ipv6 address. Nothing showed. I’ve disabled the teredo adapter and exclusively use the httpstunnel adapter. It should have an ip address, but it doesn’t even get listed in the ipconfig or ipconfig /all.

Next I typed: netsh interface httpstunnel show interface

It promptly spits this back out at me:
Error code: 0x643

– Status: IPHTTPS interface creation failure

Hmmmm, I pop over into device manager, right-click, show hidden devices. What the ??? The iphttpsinterface adapter has a little yellow exclamation.

“This device cannot start. (Code 10)”

Uhhhh, what on earth could cause that? I did a little digging and found some useful advice. Open the registry editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\SERVICES\TCPIP6\PARAMETERS

Check the DisabledComponents key. Mine had a weird hex value in it. As per usual, BACK UP THE REGISTRY KEY BEFORE MODIFYING! Do not blame me for your hosed up registry. If you change it you own it. I set it to 0 and rebooted. Once the PC came back up it was able to hop onto the different networks and negotiate DirectAccess properly and quickly.

Thank you, Google. I still hate you. 😉

P.S. – I recently had a similar issue on my Surface Pro – the iphttps adapter disappeared and would not come back upon a standard reboot. I found a way to reset the device – continually hold the volume down button and power button for about twenty seconds. This will clear all sorts of weird issues dealing with plug and pray out of these devices. The adapter came back and DirectAccess is now operational. Good times.

Edit. Not sure why I didn’t think about this earlier, but deleting the adapter and doing a gpupdate /force will reinstall and configure the adapter.


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